Serving Crawford County With Style

Crawford County, Missouri

Service List

The County Clerks Office is the place to register to vote, and also to obtain ATV permits, liquor licenses, and notary certificates. We administrate elections and aid the County Commission.




County Clerk

Phone 573-775-2376

Fax 573-775-3066





Phone 573-775-2845

Fax 573-775-4295


The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for making record of documents in three main areas: 1) Real Estate 2) Tax Liens and 3) Marriage Licenses. Other services include recording of divorce, mechanic liens, subdivision plats, personal land surveys and military discharges. Miscellaneous documents may also be recorded by request in compliance with statutes.

Divisions I & II of the Circuit Court have jurisdiction over cases involving felony and other serious charges. We also provide applications for passports.

The Division III Court provides for probation, traffic violations and misdemeanors.

Recorder of Deeds



We do NOT perform lien searches, title searches or land research

Circuit Court

Divisions I & II


Division III


The Crawford County Health Department provides a variety of services to insure the publics welfare in matters of physical health.

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Planning & Zoning

If you need information about property regulations and permits inside the city limits of a city within Crawford County, please contact the city hall of that city.

Please refer to the Related Links page from the main menu for City contact information.

We are able to provide documentation that there are no county codes or restrictions upon request.

Crawford County has no Planning & Zoning Codes or Restrictions


Health Department




Crawford County Road Districts are responsible for maintaining county roadways and cemetery roads. We strive to keep them clear and travelable at all times. Please contact us with any problems at the appropriate Road Shed listed above. We do not maintain State or City roadways.

We pledge to serve Crawford County to the best of our ability in matters of public safety and law.



Road District 1

Commissioner Rob Cummings

Shed Phone 573-775-2828


Road District 2

Commissioner Jared Boast

Shed Phone 573-245-6499


EMERGENCY: call 911


Sheriffs Department


The Public Administrator works with the Probate Division of the Missouri Circuit Court. He serves in the capacity of appointed guardian, conservator or personal representative in the event no one is available or qualifies to assume these responsibilities.

Public Administrator

Franky Todd


The Assessor inventories and values property. We also provide county maps ($2) and plat books ($30).

The Collector collects real estate and personal property taxes and determines disbursements to county entities. Merchants licenses can be also obtained here.


E-mail: Assessor


For Public Info. Requests:


The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement official in the County, representing the People of the State of Missouri. He reviews, authorizes and prosecutes violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal law of the State of Missouri and County ordinances committed in the County. This also includes proceedings involving juveniles and child protection, etc.

Prosecuting Attorney

David Smith


The Coroner presides over the handling of dead bodies. He determines the time and cause of death and issues death certificates and autopsy reports if applicable. He testifies to facts involving the deceased in the case of inquest.


Paul Hutson



The county surveyor is responsible for oversight of all surveys in the County. Surveys are performed to insure the correct measurement of property boundaries and physical features. All surveys are recorded by the surveyor in the office of the Crawford County Recorder of Deeds at no fee.


Mark Mueller


The county treasurer receipts and disburses county revenues to appropriate entities, keeps current records of such and is responsible for the management of county funds and accounts.


Karen Sikes