Commission Meeting Minutes —November 7, 2017        Certified November 14, 2017


Crawford County Commission met pursuant to adjournment with these members present: Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner; Rob Cummings, Commissioner District 1; Jared Boast, Commissioner District 2; De Dee Hamilton, Representing County Clerk; and the following proceedings were had to viz;


Attendees at the beginning of the meeting included Danny Brown, Kenny McGraw, Amy England, Ryan Storz, Frank Williams, Annalee Williams, Gary Dillon and Sheriff Darin Layman.


The meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m.


9:01 a.m.:  Jared Boast made a motion to approve the Crawford County Commission Meeting Agenda of November 7, 2017.  Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders – Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:01 a.m.:  Rob Cummings made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of the Crawford County Commission for October 31, 2017.  Jared Boast provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders –Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:04 a.m.:  Kellie Vestal entered the meeting.


9:05 a.m.:  Leo read a letter received from Randy Shahan regarding CCAM Resolution 2017; which is in support of preserving the protections provided by Missouri Revised Statute 229.100, which ensures that utility companies cannot begin erecting poles, etc., through or under public roadways in any county without obtaining assent of the county commission.  There were three identical letters requesting the same from the commission, from other concerned citizens.


9:10 a.m.:  Leo Sanders asked Gary Dillon if he wanted to speak. Gary said he was just there to visit.


9:10 a.m.:   Citizen Participation-Annalee Williams advised the commission that the library public forums are starting this week and that they had started interviewing for a director.  She also wanted to appeal to the commission to adopt a prescription drug monitoring program in the county.  Annalee submitted information providing ordinances that are in place in other cities and counties for the commission to review and consider.  The commission thanked Annalee for the information and Annalee left the meeting.

Leo gave the information regarding the Rx monitoring program to Sheriff Layman for his information.


9:18 a.m.:  Sheriff Layman told the commission that he had attended the LERF meeting this morning. He wanted to let the commission know that Darrell Layman had stepped down from the LERF board and Sean Siebert was appointed in his place.


9:20 a.m.:   Jared Boast told Sheriff Layman of the commission’s decision to waive ATV permit fees for the upcoming Ride for a Reason event.  There was some concern about the Department of Conservation not being aware that the commission had waived the necessary permit, and that the Conservation would be issuing tickets to the riders. Jared wanted to know who needed to be talked to about this. Darin agreed to talk to the Conservation about the situation.


9:25 a.m.:  Leo Sanders wanted to be sure the other commissioners knew the full commission was invited to Cuba City Hall tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., for a meeting regarding the Osage Nation.


9:30 a.m.:  Kellie Vestal exited the meeting. Darin Layman exited the meeting.


9:30 a.m.:  Rob Cummings opened discussion regarding upcoming holidays. Governor Greitens had issued notice that state offices would be closed the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Leo Sanders made a motion to close the court house the Friday after Thanksgiving. Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders –Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea

Leo Sanders said there would be discussion regarding Christmas hours at a later date.


9:35 a.m.:  The commission reviewed and signed bills.


9:45 a.m.:  Sheriff Layman returned to the meeting. 

Jared Boast asked about a bill from Franklin County Fire Extinguisher being reimbursed by Missouri Public Risk. De Dee Hamilton said she would inquire about that in the clerk’s office.


9:50 a.m.:   Sheriff Layman spoke with the commission regarding the Rx drug monitoring program information he had received from the commission earlier this morning.  Sheriff Layman said it should involve the county health department as well. The commission agreed.  Sheriff Layman added that he would get in contact with other class 3 counties that had adopted an ordinance for a drug monitoring program.


9:50 a.m.:   Engineer Jeff Banderet and Inspector James Sutton, Jr. from Great River Engineering; Duane Kliethermes, and Todd Siebeneck from MoDot; and Ryan Porter from Lehman Construction were all in attendance.  Jeff Banderet said they were there for a preconstruction conference outline for project number BRO-B028 (8), of the bridge on Blunt Road. James Sutton, Jr. reviewed the conference outline with the commission. (See attached).   The commission was advised that Shane Frank would be the contractor contact, and his phone number is 573 353 6364. The anticipated start date on the bridge is December 11, 2017, and the expected finish date is January 12, 2018.


10:20 a.m.:  Mark Wenner entered the meeting.


10:25 a.m.:  County Treasurer Catie Ringeisen entered the meeting. Duane Kliethermes verified Catie’s email address so that he could make her aware of when to expect payment for the project. Catie left.

The commission signed the contracts for the project.


10:35 a.m.:  The preconstruction conference was concluded.  MoDot representatives left the meeting. Mark Wenner exited the meeting.


10:40 a.m.:  Ryan Storz exited the meeting.


10:42 a.m.:  Jeff Banderet and James Sutton, Jr. left the meeting.


10:45 a.m.:  The commission continued reviewing and signing bills.  Sheriff Layman returned to the meeting. Kim Smith with the county health department entered the meeting.


10:50 a.m.:  Kim Smith spoke to the commission regarding having a stove moved at the health department. She inquired as to whether she needed a certified electrician to do it. The commission advised that she did. Sheriff Layman said he would get Kim the name of the certified electrician that had been hired for work done at the jail. Leo Sanders added that Sheriff Layman had information for Kim to look at also.  Kim Smith left the meeting. Frank Williams left the meeting.


10:55 a.m.:  Amy England and Sheriff Layman left the meeting.


11:10 a.m.:  Kenny McGraw left the meeting.  Frank Williams returned to the meeting.


11:20 a.m.:  Gary Dillon left the meeting.


11:25 a.m.:  Jared Boast made a motion to adjourn the November 7, 2017 meeting of the Crawford County Commission.  Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.


The Commission adjourned to meet November 14, 2017, at 9:00 a.m.




Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner